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Raelach Records is an artist-run, traditional and folk record label based in county Clare, on the west coast of Ireland. The label was founded in 2011 by musician and producer Jack Talty. In 2017, photographer, graphic designer, and filmmaker, Maurice Gunning joined Raelach Records as art director and photographer.

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"Since its beginning, Raelach Records has made a very important contribution to recorded traditional Irish music and song. Without exception its catalogue has set for itself and continues to maintain a high standard – for its selection of artists and production values including sound quality, album sleeve notes and design.

The range of music is diverse – innovative but fully respectful of tradition and there are some very valuable gems in the recordings which it has issued. Besides providing access for listeners to good material, it has also given a platform and a voice to musicians, singers and groups who might not easily find it in the arena where strictly commercial companies and labels operate. This is due to the commitment, knowledge and skills of the people who are in charge of it."

Peter Browne

“There’s a distinct difference in the definition of ‘outstanding’ and ‘standing out’. However, both apply to Raelach Records. From the caring curation of featured artists to the pristine recordings meticulously captured; from the eye catching artwork and design to the carefully chosen and written sleeve notes

quality is always assured. Everything about Raelach is outstanding. Everything about Raelach stands out.”

Carl Corcoran

“The wonderful Raelach Records label is extraordinarily forward-looking. Such high quality. Such brilliant production standards in both the visuals in the albums they produce and of course, the music. It goes without saying”

Ellen Cranitch

“Raelach Records is an innovative and vital independent record label, who push the boundaries of Irish Traditional and folk music. Raelach occupies a unique space in the Irish independent music scene, as it fully supports the originality and experimentation of artists, while keeping to its unique vision of an artist run record label”.

Alan Meaney

 Raelach Records is invaluable as they produce the very best of authentic traditional music and song. The quality of their publications is always top class in material and quality of sound. Raelach Records, in my eyes, have a unique approach to recording and I always know that whatever they publish will always be of the highest quality possible”.

Neansaí Ní Choisdealbha

“...it can be hard to know what’s new and interesting in traditional music, and what isn’t. In this sense, County Clare’s Raelach Records, a small, boutique label run by the brilliant concertina player Jack Talty is a bit of a throw back. In addition to albums by legendary figures such as Tony MacMahon (“Farewell to Music”) and Noel Hill (“The Irish Concertina 3: Live in New York”), its catalog includes brilliant albums by a select group of incredibly compelling younger traditional artists, including banjoist Shane Mulchrone (“Solid Ground”), fiddler Aidan Connolly (“Be Off”), fiddler Claire Egan (“Turning Tides”), and others. Irish music lovers can be confident when they buy a Raelach release that the music will be tip top”.

Dan Neely


Jack Talty
Artistic Director and Label Producer
Contact: jacktalty@raelachrecords.com
Jack Talty is a multi-award winning traditional musician, composer, and producer from Lissycasey in county Clare. As a performer Jack has travelled extensively throughout Europe, the United States, Australia, and Asia, and has contributed to over 80 albums to date as a musician, producer, composer, arranger, and engineer.  He is currently a creator-in residence at the Irish Traditional Music Archive and researcher with the newly-established Trad Ireland.
For more visit jacktalty.com/press



Maurice Gunning

Art Director and Photographer

Contact: mauricegunning@raelachrecords.com

Maurice Gunning is an award winning Irish photographer and documentary filmmaker. Appointed to the position of Artist in Residence at many cultural institutions, Gunning continues to exhibit internationally with support from the Irish Arts Council and Culture Ireland. Investing considerable time into the research and making of his work, he has received the Irish Centre for Human Rights photography prize in collaboration with UNESCO. He is currently a member of the advisory panel with the PhotoIreland Foundation. Maurice is also Photographer in Residence with the Irish World Academy at the University of Limerick.

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