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AnTara - Matthew Noone and Tommy Hayes


AnTara is a unique duo comprised of Tommy Hayes & Matthew Noone that explores the spaces in-between the traditions of Irish and Indian Classical music. Both regarded as pioneers on their chosen instruments and fearlessly inventive, they create a diverse yet cohesive musical experience.

Tommy plays bodhran, bones, spoons, marimba, bells, mbira, jews harp, silk worm cocoons and goats toe nails.

Matthew plays the 23 stringed North Indian lute called sarode. He also makes loops and drones.

“a unique collaboration producing a delightful aural journey that knows no borders and defies categorisation”
Carl Corcoran


“The many layers of musical knowledge that Tommy Hayes and Matthew Noone have access to shine through this record. Faha Rain is a definite step up from the explorative acoustic of The Space Between; it is a more embodied and considered collection, adding new aspects of tradition to the strata of sound that is An Tara”.

Ruth Smith, The Journal of Music


“This recording floats past like a mirage, a graceful thing of chiffons and dainty footsteps, fading in and out as the instrumentation changes…take a tour with An Tara, and appreciate those spaces in between”.

Alex Monaghan, Folkworld


“an adventurous set that is worth investigating”.



Produced and Engineered by Jack Talty

Artwork by Maurice Gunning 

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